To dramatically reduce the cost and complexity for the capture of CO2 from industrial sources

To profitably decarbonize 1 billion tons of CO2 emissions every year

To enable a CO2-products market of USD $1 Trillion per year

To help drive a more circular industrial economy globally 




Who We Are

  • An early stage process technology venture with commercially proven products and process licensing
  • An innovation leader in CO2 capture technology & performance chemistry for CO2 treating
  • A developer of clean and green process technology to mainstream energy and industrial sectors
  • Project Types that we support: brownfield (retrofit), greenfield (new), drop-ins (solvent replacement)
  • Services we offer: FEED and conceptual PRE-FEED, basic engineering design, process licensing, start-up and on-going technical support, solvent supply


What We Want To Accomplish

  • To Reduce Operating Costs - we make plants operate more efficiently by driving down lifecycle costs of CO2 separation to increase customer on-stream rates and increase production yields while decreasing energy use
  • To Reduce Capital Costs - we reduce capital expenditures for process equipment by providing technology that shrinks the equipment footprint and reduces the need for higher cost stainless steel
  • To Ease Compliance - we help manufacturers achieve environmental compliancy with ease of use by increasing operations efficiency and reducing waste and emissions
  • To Reduce CO2 Feedstock Cost - we provide cost effective lcapture solutions to help deliver on spec and reliable CO2 feedstock for downstream applications
  • To Reduce Emissions - we help industrial CO2 emitters reduce costs of CO2 capture to better convert stranded CO2 into useable products and reduce global carbon emissions
  • To Innovate - we are continually advancing carbon capture and gas treating technology to reduce lifecycle costs, facility footprint, and environmental impact


Our Values

  • A flexible business model and engineering approach
  • Hard work and ambition
  • Team work and innovative thinking to problem solving
  • Desire to learn, share, and safety deliver on time and on budget
  • An unrelenting focus on meeting the needs of the end customer